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Roscoff and its soothing environment

Wednesday 15 April 2009

Roscoff is a blessed place where people come to soothe all sorts of pains and to get away from a stressful life. It is a well-known town for thalassotherapy which started in 1899.

A hotel for patients or " curists" as called locally

What is thalassotheraphy? First hint: “thalassa” means sea in Greek.

Here is what can be read concerning that method of improving people’s health according to experts.The term thalassotherapy shall be used only if the following definitions and prerequisites are met and the following measures are offered or taken:

1. Definition: Thalassotherapy is an integrated plan for therapy, prevention, and health promotion. The plan shall be implemented for defined indications under medical care and with the participation of qualified expert staff.

Roscoff shore. Therapeutic location immediately by the sea

2.Thalassotherapy shall be carried out in places where the maritime climate has an immediate effect.

3. Sea water : the sea shall be used for bathing in natural waters. Suitable sea water that is drawn locally shall be used for inhaling and/or bathing, e.g. in a bathtub or a swimming pool.

Local seaweeds

4. Marine products:
it is possible to use mud or algae etc. for different applications.

5. Low-allergen and clean sea air
The quality of the air must warrant that extended stays in the open air will represent a relieving factor.

6. Heliotherapy : natural solar radiation shall primarily be used for heliotherapy. In adverse weather conditions artificial UV irradiation may supplement heliotherapy.

7. Exposure to the climate and motion therapy : exposure to the climate and motion therapy shall be carried out in fixed regimens in the zone close to the shoreline.

Local fish in your plate

8. Associated health-promoting measures: associated health measures, emphasizing relaxation, change of nutrition, and physical exercise shall be carried out to improve overall physical fitness.

These criteria were drafted by a working group of the Committee for Thalasso-therapyof the German Spas Association (V. Harms, MD, H. Schuh, MD, Prof. C. Stick, MD) and were discussed at a plenary session of the 1st European Conference on Thalassotherapy in Rostock Warnemünde on January 12, 2002. Suggestions made by the international participants have been taken into consideration in the present draft.

Roscoff has it all and hundreds of patients coming every year to ease off their pains or stress. They come to Roscoff for preventive or curative purposes. The treatment has a positive effect on the whole body: skin, muscles and joints, breathing, waste elimination It also helps fight arthritis, , fat, back pain and problems related to ageing and fatigue.

Shall we all meet there one day? L’endroit rêvé pour une remise en forme générale …