Let’s Do It, Romania!

On 25th September we will clean across our country! Hope to clean it all in one day! Or at least start…


The team from my school, 10 teachers and 50 students, will clean an area near our town that was given by the LDIR national team.

Unfortunately, we will learn a lot from it!

5 Responses to “Let’s Do It, Romania!”

  1. Marika Marika says:

    Wonderful Carmen!!!
    Do your best!!!

  2. Mariedebretagne Mariedebretagne says:

    Go Romania, go! Very, very good intitative! We will try and clean our shores too. There is so much to be done

  3. Vicky Kritikou Vicky Kritikou says:

    Bravo Carmen. I can see that you and your students have started the new schoolyear full of energy! Go ahead my friends!

  4. anaïs horellou says:

    Good luck.
    it’s for a good cause.

  5. Anna says:

    Congratulations for this good initiative, Carmen!!!

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