Christmas on the way! Decorate without money

Cheap decorating ideas, fruit of the financial crisis, that could help all of us to create a festive Christmas atmosphere!
Images speak better than words. So just have a look!

Use whatever old stuff you have and make your own decorations.
As for the christmas tree, you can just buy paper plates and make a Pyramide on the wall. Great!

What about Chritmas tastes? make any recipe you know and just give the colours of the days!

7 Responses to “Christmas on the way! Decorate without money”

  1. Mariedebretagne Mariedebretagne says:

    Thanks for these ideas. You have lots of imagination. To think positively: let’s make things ourselves for our dear ones. Maybe we will become wiser after being badly hit by this crisis. Our consumer society has been wasting so much and still is. This year, no presents to our dear ones, just back to the fundamentals: sharing a happy time together around the table and a good warm fireplace.

  2. Vicky Kritikou Vicky Kritikou says:

    It would be unfair to accept that I am so imaginative. I just looked on the internet for simple and economic solutions to change our depressed psychology. These days let us use modern technologies in creative ways. And yes, being together in peace and love counts more than anything else!

  3. Tanja Tanja says:

    Mmmm … nice begining for Christmastime ;-)
    I like the first ones made from cones, they look like angels …

  4. Marika Marika says:

    When I was young, I used to paint gold walnuts
    and produced compositions.
    It is great the joy of creation!
    The Crisis is here!
    Our mind,
    our friends,
    our poets,
    our writers,
    our painters
    are here ALSO!!!

    • Mariedebretagne Mariedebretagne says:

      Yes they are Marika and so are we :-) Never forget it :-)

  5. Isabelle, maman d'élève says:

    We modestly decorate our Christmas tree with the cuttings the children realized when they were small… Sweet memories…

  6. Anna says:

    Very beautiful decorations!!!
    Besides economic! ;)
    Congratulation for your imagination!!! :)