A balcony in the west Kerkyra.

Palaiokastritsa is a small but

a special village in the west

side of the island of Corfu-Kerkyra.

On one of its hills there is a monastery

with a small museum and a restaurant.

The balcony of Palaiokastritsa

is one of the most beautiful in Kerkyra!

4 Responses to “Greece-Kerkyra-Palaiokastritsa”

  1. Mariedebretagne Mariedebretagne says:

    Nice pics Marika. What was the weather like? I can see you are wearing a hat just like a Hollywood star :-) .
    Checked on a map where Corfu was. Seems to be bigger than what I expected.
    Corfu has always been synonymous of sun and beauty to me.
    I also remember a song sung by Nana Mouskouri when I was much younger: White roses of Corfu

  2. Marika Marika says:

    Thank you.
    The weather was perfect-the sun was very strong!
    You are correct, it is a green beautiful island!

  3. Marika Marika says:

    Kerkyra is green in summer too!
    The trees are mainly cypresses and olive trees :-)