The Unesco Heritage


The Eolian islands have been enscribed in the Unesco Heritage list since 2000, because they are active volcanoes with eruption phenomena of two types: Stombolian and Volcanian. The volcanologists of the world study their phenomena.

3 commentaires sur “The Unesco Heritage”

  1. M.F says:

    Hi Margherita,

    A whole world to discover! The kids will love it. They are always fascinated by volcanoes.I am too!

  2. jose luis says:

    Salut Margherita.
    Ma femme (Maria Dolores) et moi, nous sommes geologes, donc nous aimons les volcans, mais nous ne savions pas qu´il y a des volcans actifs dans les îles eolians. ¿ Est- ce qu´il sont facil à regarder?.
    Jose Luis.

    • Margherita says:

      Yes, Jose Luis
      there are several volcanic phenomena, Stromboli, it’s an active eruptive volcano, Vulcano is an isle with hot water pools. They are visited by hundred of turists every year, very easy to visit them.

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