Prayer at Baltic Sea

2009 September 6, Latvia, Jurmala, Dubulti,
near fairy house “Undine”

Prayer at Sea

The Baltic Sea over the last hundred years has become one as most polluted seas in the world. 70 000 km2 or more than one-sixth part of the Baltic sea is dead. In this area do not live already any living creature. However, every year in the Baltic Sea continues to flow 35 000 tonnes phosphorus, inadequately cleaned waste water - peoples economic activities results. The process will continue …

Do we want our children to leave the dirty, lifeless water puddle?

Let us pray!

About life and a clean sea, if Sea will be not live, we will not live too. We must remember about it.


Prayer at sea

Prayer at Sea


Prayer at Baltic Sea is Latvia Environment Protection Club idea and this year it was already the 21th time, when Latvia peoples come to Seashore for praying.

Prayer at Sea

Prayer at Sea

7 Responses to “Prayer at Baltic Sea”

  1. Vicky Kritikou Vicky Kritikou says:

    Dear friend,
    Just after our relaxing holidays, here we are to face the cruel reality! It is really sad what happens on the Baltic Sea! But do not give up demanding a better future for the next generation.
    The Mediterranean Sea has similar problems. The Black Sea as well. Non stop seaking of money will destroy us for sure.But, We Must Resist!

  2. Mariedebretagne Mariedebretagne says:

    I agree with Vicky: we must resist irresponsible people whose only aim is to make money whatever the consequences are on the environment and the people living on the shores. And not only on the shores. The Baltic Sea is nearly a closed sea and its eco-system is very fragile. The Mediterranean sea, The Baltic Sea, The Channel are under terrible attacks. We, in Brittany, have often been polluted by oil spills and now some of our beaches are full of what we call ” green toxic seaweeds”. This summer a man and a horse died when walking on one of the beaches. Those toxic seaweeds are the result of intensive agriculture. We’ll publish a post on that dreadful phenomenon. Let’s try to keep a safe planet for our kids. Prayers are a good idea to make people aware and resist the polluting of our environment.

  3. Tanja Tanja says:

    Thanks for your comments, Vicky and Marie :-)
    You are right - it is not only the Baltic Sea problem … Would be great if one day, ALL countries peoples could come to the Sea for a common Prayer … ALL countries at ONE TIME !
    For clean and healthy Sea and against people’s greed.

  4. Tanja Tanja says:

    About green toxic seaweeds
    What a sad story about man and horse that died …

    Green toxic seaweeds - they are terrible
    We saw them during my class summer trip in Latvia. We were swimming in a beautiful lake Ungurezers and suddenly in one small bay we found terrible dirty water. We made photos and sent them to Latvia water monitoring agency. They came later to make analysises - their response was: they are green toxic seaweeds !!!!!

    Here is a link to photos - you can show them to your students:

  5. Marie-France Marie-France says:

    Thanks for your pics, Tanja. How can mankind harm nature so badly? We are just killing it and us at the same time. Your photos show very well how terrible pollution and its consequences are.
    There is a programme on French TV tonight about the amber of the Baltic Sea. Amber is being exploited and wasted! A real shame! Once again man’s greed is at work!

    • Tanja Tanja says:

      Yes … our generation egoistic greed destroys FUTURE world for our children … Now is last time to change things !

      What an interesting film about Amber. I would like to see it.

      • Mariedebretagne Mariedebretagne says:

        It was a programme on French Channel Two. Its name is “Envoyé spéciai” and they often have subjects on environmental issues. Last night it was about the amber trade, the pro and anti- amber traders. I sided with the anti-trading people who pointed out the disaster of over-exploiting amber to make jewels and also statues for a new church!! Incredible! Just doing the same with amber as with gold in south America when some of these countries belonged to Portugal and Spain! This is what I consider as looting nature! Amber is a fossile trre resin and I didn’t know until last night how it was obtained: caterpillars at work, intensive digging…

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