Cyclades Islands - Greece

The Cyclades are a group of islands in the Aegean Sea south-east from Athens.


The islands are named Cyclades ( Cyclos is the Greek word for Circle) because all of them are set up in a circle around “Dilos”.

Dilos is also the holy island central in the Greek Mythology.

Cycladic culture is best known for its schematic flat idols carved out of the islands white marble centuries before the Minoan culture arose in the island of Crete.

The Cyclades are about 220 islands, but the bigger of them are 24.


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  1. Marie-France Marie-France says:

    220 islands? Can the cycladic islands be considered as an archipelago? The number is incredible. They look like scattered rocks into the sea and seem to make a circle well protected by continental Greece ( Peloponnese in the west, Crete in the south, Turkey in the East and Thrace in the north). To me, they are like eggs nested in the Mediterranean Sea.
    Great post Marika. Wonderful photos. Blessed area of the world.

  2. María Dolores says:

    UHMM, it looks like the paradise. Have you ever been there?. Do you know what kind of rocks are they made of?, they look so white!, ( I can´t avoid thinking about that things, I ´m a geologist!. I ´ll think about it like my next trip.

  3. Marika Marika says:

    Thanks Marie-France,
    Yes, an archipelago is a cluster of islands that are formed tectonically.
    The word archipelago is derived from the Greek Archi( main-leader) and pelago(sea).Archipelago was the proper name for the Aegean Sea which has a large number of scattered rock-islands.
    Next article will be for “Aigiida” the geological wealth of the Cyclades…

  4. Marika Marika says:

    You can also see a little flat idol, a cycladic figurine, in the small picture on the right of my name.

  5. Vicky Kritikou Vicky Kritikou says:

    Yes Marie-France, we Greeks feel really blessed having some many precious stones around us! Marika has chosen to show you the very heart of the Agean Archipelago! And she has valuable treasures to show you. Be patient!

  6. Marika Marika says:

    I have been there sometimes on holidays.
    I think that this rock in the photo is limestone.
    I shall give more information in “Aigiida”…

  7. Tanja Tanja says:

    Cycladic culture is one of most mysterious.
    Today is unknown why ancient peoples make that strange white figurines and why they choose this kind of style for make them and why just all figurines represent womens.
    I adore them :-) They are so archaic, so mystic and so modern …

    Marika you are happy you live so close to that beautiful nature and .. mystical culture :-)

  8. Isabelle Pallier Isabelle Pallier says:

    I love it too! These photos and these places are so wonderful! pure white and blue. Thank you for sharing this with us!
    Makes you want to go there immediately on holidays. Superb.

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