The creation of “Cyclades”-Greece

Mythology: The Cyclades and the other islands of Aegean Sea, created at the terrible “War of the Giants”, from the rocks that where thrown against each other by the giants and the gods!


Geology: 15 million years ago, Greece,  Aegean Sea, Cretan Sea and Asia Minor, constituted an extensive area of  land, named “Aigiida” or Aegais.

 4 million years ago, Aigiida regions submerged in the sea, apart from mountains tops, which constituted the islands of Aegean Sea.

Many geological changes, earthquakes and volcanoes gave the form that the islands have today.

Volcanoes created by the sinking of the African Plate under the Aegean Plate.

Santorini, Milos, Kimolos and Antiparos islands were shaped by the volcanic activity, whitch created the  “Volcanic Arch of  Southern Aegean”.

Also the wind and the sea have created shapes of infrequent beauty, marine caves and strange rock natural sculptures, different in every island-The Geological Monuments of Cyclades.

Made fron granite, gneiss, slate, marble, lava and ashes the mountain tops of Aigiida compose the Cyclades landscape.

5 Responses to “The creation of “Cyclades”-Greece”

  1. Mariedebretagne Mariedebretagne says:

    Eath, Wind anf Fire: 3 forces of nature creating such wonders in the fourth element: water! I would have liked to live millions of years to witness this natural phenomenon at work! Mythology helped to explain the natural sculptures of these islands too.

    • Marika Marika says:

      In ancient times there were only gods and …maybe giants!!!
      But “air - water - wind - fire - time” are very good sculptures!!!

  2. gabriel gabriel says:

    Si j’étais chauvin, je dirais que c’est Etretat…en mieux ! Mais comme “voileux”, je dirais que cela me semble tout simplement être le paradis. Je crois que j’essaierai de m’offrir un voyage dans ces contrées avant ma mort… Que les Dieux soient avec moi !
    If I were chauvinistic, I’d say it looks like the cliffs of Etretat ( in the north of Fance) …but much nicer. But as a sailor, I’d say it looks to me as paradise. I think I’ll try to offer myself a trip to these islands before I die… May all gods be with me!

  3. isabelle says:

    Hundertwasser (1928-2000) était un peintre et architecte autrichien, par son travail sur les façades il a choisit de représenter le monde tel qu’il devrait être…..doux ,harmonieux, chaleureux…..Beaucoup de douceur et de soleil dans les yeux avec ces belles photos aussi….et la petite touche rose des bougainvilliers ( à peine visible) me dépayse …..
    Huderwasser ( 1928- 2000) was an Austrian painter and architect. He worked a lot on facades and chose to represent the world as it should be… soft, harmonious, warm… A lot of softness and sun are entering my eyes with these photos too… and the pink touch of the bougainvilleas ( hardly visible) gives me access to another universe.

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