Greece - Cyclades Architecture



In Cyclades, all buildings are adapted to residents daily needs, to simple beauty of the island  land and to protection of Aegean  winds.


Buildings are based on austerity and cleanliness of forms. The houses are white cubes with bright colours at the doors and windows (usually bleu sea colours).


Sometimes buildings have castle form, from the mediaval years, the time that the inhabitants lived with the fear of  pirates. These houses are built one next to the other in order to shape  the exterior wall of the castle.

11 Responses to “Greece - Cyclades Architecture”

  1. Mariedebretagne Mariedebretagne says:

    Just beautiful, I would even write gorgeous, extraordinary, fantastic, out of this world, first class architecture fitted to inhabitants’s lives but with a great sense of harmorny and colours. Architecture at its best indeed! I am envious of the colour of the sky too. Are those villages classified as World Heritage?

  2. Tanja Tanja says:

    For my NORTHside eyes, your country looks absolutely FANTASTIC! I can not imagine how people live and feel in that small white world … Thanks Marika to show it for us :-)

  3. gabriel gabriel says:

    Harmonie des formes et des couleurs, c’est vraiment un endroit magnifique. Les habitants de ces iles sont-ils conscients de cette beauté? Vivent-ils également en harmonie avec leur environnement?
    Harmony in shapes and colours, it s really a unique place. Are its inhabitants aware of its beauty? Do they also live in harmony with their environment?

  4. Carmen says:

    The serenity, the calmness, the composure, the quietude, the tranquility, the peacefullness of these godlike places and above all the stillness of the scenery…they all take your breath away… and for a moment you find yourself within a spell of a wizard…The houses seem to be a great lego made by unknown magic hands…We are too small for these wonders of the world. Just astonishing!

  5. Marika Marika says:

    Correct Carmen!!! I agree with you!!!
    In Santorini, the terrace of one house
    is the yard or the garden
    for another!!!
    And under your legs the “Volcano”!!!

    • Mariedebretagne Mariedebretagne says:

      That is what we call in French “dancing on the volcano” meaning that one has to be careful. No Paradise without “infierno” ( the word hell is not proper here)

  6. Vicky Kritikou Vicky Kritikou says:

    As a Greek, may I steal some of Marika’s pride because of your enthousiastic comments? All Greeks are proud of our islands, gems of world heritage, even if Unesco has nothing to do with.
    Thank you all so much for your warm comments.

  7. Mariedebretagne Mariedebretagne says:

    Had I been Greek, I would have had the same reaction as yours Vicky. You are a bunch of spoilt people, I would add!
    Gâtés, pourris même comme on dit à Brest.
    To me, you live in the craddle where it all began ( I won’t forget Mesopotamia though and Ancient Egypt) You are allowed to be proud, just allowed :-)

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