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This page is for technical issues if you want to teach other writers how to do something , it is here.
Dans cette page, vous trouverez des modes d’emploi pour réaliser vos billets: c’est ici!

1) How to make simple animation film by Tanja ( Latvia)

I will show you how to make small animation film without any special expensive software !

It will be REALLY VERY EASY ;-)

This will be - for WINDOWS user !
I dont know what programs could be for MAC … sorry

1. rule:
Animation film consist from frames.

To make a film, at first you must make frames.
Frames can consist from everything: from drawing or painting, from puppet, from everyday things, from live persons or nature photos …
We will learn how to make film with drawing.

2. rule
How to make frame with drawing.
The most simple way is to use Windows Paint program.

3. rule
To make moving drawings :-Use UnFREEz, it is small free Windows programm
Download from this site:
Clik on link “UnFREEz”, choose “Download UnFREEz” and unzipp.



4. rule
With Windows Paint program make as many drawings as many frames will be in your film.


• pictures MUST be GIF files - “anyname.gif
• pictures must be all the same sizes (in pixels, for example: 200×200 pixels)

For example, let make 5 drawings for a butterfly to fly:











5. rule
Drag and drop your files to UnFREEz Frames window
By the way - you can drop here as many files as you want and in any order !



Frame delay is for you can choose how fast or slow will be your movement !

6. rule
When everything is as you want - press button: “Make Animated GIF”

Give your file a name for your film and save in a place you choose.

Your film is ready!



The last question could be: How to make GOOD film ?!

Ahaa … here are lot of RULES that you should follow to make GOOD film …

Anyway here are lot of rules

follow ONE - it is in YOUR HEART :-)

when your HEART feel WARM - you are on the RIGHT WAY !


2- How to add a slide by Marie-France (France)

When you have completed your slide, get the embed code for WordPress. You will find it in “options”

Click on get your embed code

On the left of the window, at the bottom, click on WordPress

Copy the code slide show id= ……….

SWITCH TO HtML in your post window ( at the top right hand corner ) and paste the code!

That’s it! Easy, isn’t it?

3- How to add a Power Point Presentation ( any version will be accepted) By Marie-France.

* Create an account on the free programme “Slide Share” ( type slide share on the net and you will find it)

* When you have created your account, upload your Power Point ( just be patient, it can take some time!)

* When it is uploaded , get the embed code ( make sure you didn’t click on private!)

* Copy the embed code and paste it in your post using HTLM first, not visual.

* Publish and you have your presentation on the blog!